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Working Too Much While Working From Home?

Working Too Much While Working From Home

One of the downsides to working from home, combined with social distancing, is boredom. You get tired of streaming TV and movies and can’t find anything to do, so you may find that you are working more—even more than before the pandemic. Here’s what to do.

Measure Your Productivity

Working more doesn’t have anything to do with increased productivity. You may be logging more hours and being more, equally, or less productive. If you are equally or less productive it may be due to subconscious procrastination designed to fill your extra time at home.

Commit To A Daily Schedule

Whether you are more or less productive, it’s time to commit to both a daily schedule and a daily to-do list. Just like when working at the office, you may power through your list with time to spare, or things may come up. The objective is to have both daily goals and a defined start and end time.

Once the workday is done, you need to amp up your non-work related at-home activities. More Zoom calls with friends, take an online class, sign up for virtual activities, workout, take a walk, cook, bake, and more.

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