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The Virtual Classes You Should Be Taking

The Virtual Classes You Should Be Taking

Whether your goal is personal development, professional development, or doing something productive while social distancing—these are the virtual classes you should be taking.

Bucket List Classes

Take a look at your bucket list or consider anything you have always wanted to learn. From guitar lessons to cooking classes, arts and crafts, home improvement projects, and more. You can find instructional videos on YouTube or hire a live instructor to teach you via Zoom.

Language Classes

Take the time to finally learn the language you’ve always wanted to learn or to brush up on a language that’s a bit rusty. Choose from self-guided digital learning such as Duolingo or live Zoom classes. Also, consider chat sessions with bilingual locals to practice your conversational skills—and maybe make a new friend.

Development Classes

We must never stop growing, and to grow we must keep learning. Find self-guided classes on personal and professional topics on Udemy and other learning websites. Also, explore your options in targeted online courses from Universities and personalized development plans from career or life coaches.

Your virtual learning can be in conjunction with reading self-development books, podcasts, documentaries, TED Talks, live seminars, and other development mediums.

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