Mini-Workouts When You Skip The Gym

Mini-Workouts When You Skip The Gym

Whether you hit snooze one too many times, are drained after a long day at work, or your schedule is too packed to fit a full workout in—do these mini-workouts to skip the gym.

10-Minute Full Body

Download an app or type “10-minute workout” into YouTube, and choose from a variety of high-intensity workouts. It might not sound like much, but 10 minutes is long enough to get your heart pumping and boost your energy. If you have a bit longer, do more.

Take A Walk

Don’t underestimate the value of walking. Whether brisk or leisurely, a walk burns calories, improves circulation, gets you out in the fresh air, and helps you clear your mind. This can be a dedicated walk while on break or you can walk while on the phone or to and from short-distance errands.

Resistance Exercises

There are a variety of resistance exercises you can do, without breaking a sweat—and in most outfits. For example, standing and raising your leg to tabletop and holding for 10 seconds. Every little bit adds up.


Stretching may not burn many calories, but it helps release tension and improve circulation. Passive stretching is even great for heart health. Stretch at the end of your day, or any time you want to relax your body.

Here’s to keeping your body strong and fluid!

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