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Being Grateful In Tough Times

Being Grateful In Tough Times

Whether it’s the stress of the pandemic, ongoing social unrest, politics, family drama, work, a rocky relationship, or other personal challenges—you can be grateful in tough times.

Why Gratitude Matters

While it’s more challenging when times are tough, it’s even more important to find things to be grateful for than when times are good. Identifying the mini moments of joy will also:

  • Make you feel happier
  • Help you heal, hope, and cope
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve overall physical and mental health
  • Strengthen our relationships

5 Gratitude Practices

Adopt one or more of the gratitude practices below to help shift your mindset to a more positive one.

  1. Write 10 things daily that you are grateful for in a gratitude journal
  2. Do something kind for someone else, either a stranger or someone you know
  3. Invest more time in social, physical, and creative activities that fill you up
  4. Use the contrast to clearly define what you want, and create an action plan
  5. Let go of the belief that you must wait to be happy, and find and accept happiness now

It will take practice and it won’t be perfect, but you can be grateful in the most challenging of times.

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