Getting Your Family To Eat More Veggies

Getting Your Family To Eat More Veggies

You aren’t alone if you struggle to get your family to eat more veggies, especially the kids. These tips will help.

Plant A Garden

From window box herb gardens to growing leafy greens in an indoor LED grow light garden, planters, and an outdoor garden. Your family will be more excited to eat it if they helped it grow.

Try New Fruits And Veggies

Kids are curious by nature so let them select fruits and veggies at the grocery store. This could be something you don’t eat or prepare often, seasonal fruit and veggies, and imported fruits and veggies. Then select fun recipes to make together.

Stock Easy To Eat Options

From apples to bananas, oranges, berries, baby carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, already washed salad greens, and fruit and veggies you chop or buy pre-cut—the easier it is to eat, the more you and your family will eat. Don’t forget frozen veggies.

Sneak Veggies In

Find creative recipes that sneak veggies in, like the options in Jamie Oliver’s cookbook Ultimate Veg where he shares how to sneak veggies into everyday dishes like mac and cheese, chili, and pancakes. Or find a few veggies they love and prepare their recipe often.

Here’s to colorful and nutrient-rich meals!

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