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Want To Continue Working From Home?

Want To Continue Working From Home

Even if it was a rough transition, you may be surprised to find that as your office reopens you would like to continue working from home. Here’s what to consider before making your decision.

What Are Your Options?

Finally, explore all your options. Many offices are allowing employees to choose between full-time or part-time WFH. Or maybe you only have to make it in for weekly or periodic meetings with your team or clients.

What’s Your Why?

Begin by identifying why you want to continue to WFH. It could be as simple as COVID concerns. Or you have fallen into a groove and are more productive at home. And let’s not forget the freedom and flexibility.

What Will You Need To Be Successful?

Before you continue, determine what you will need for your home office to remain productive successful. For example, many of us work from desktops at work and laptops at home. This transition may be causing ergonomic issues, which can be resolved with a standing desk, laptop riser, and syncing your laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard and screen. Or maybe you need a few more electronic gadgets. Your employer may reimburse some of your expenses or they may be a tax write-off.

Whatever decision you make, identify what works for you—including which options make you feel safe and comfortable.

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