Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

Whether fresh cut from your garden, a gifted bouquet, or flowers you purchased for yourself—these tips will make your flower bouquet last longer.

  1. If you aren’t particular, ask the florist to design the bouquet with flowers that will last the longest—either because they are fresh or they are a flower that lasts longer once cut.
  2. Remove almost all the leaves as they can block airflow once placed in your vase, which leads to humidity. If you enjoy the green, change the water daily and remove soggy leaves.
  3. When you cut your flowers to fit in your vase, cut at a diagonal and add 1 or 2 tablespoons of both white sugar and apple cider vinegar.
  4. Switch the water daily, or at least every 2 days, and recut at a diagonal each time you change the water.
  5. The ACV will minimize bacteria growth, but you must clean your vase or switch vases every 2 days to minimize bacteria.
  6. Keep your flowers in a cool environment with low humidity, and out of direct sunlight.

If you enjoy having beautiful flowers indoors, invest in a few indoor flowering plants such as indoor tulips, a Christmas cactus, cyclamen, peace lily, African violet, orchids, or amaryllis.

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