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Are You Flexible Or Rigid?

Are You Flexible Or Rigid

Most of us like to think of ourselves as being flexible but you may actually be more set in your ways than you realize. Here’s how to determine if you are flexible or rigid.

Can You Consider Other Options?

Whether it’s feedback or a different opinion, a flexible person isn’t offended or threatened by someone who has another idea or perspective to share. Those who are flexible know they aren’t always right, and actively seek out different perspectives.

Are You Open To Change?

Not only does a flexible person listen to other’s ideas and perspectives, but they are also willing to change or even abandon your plan if a better solution is presented. They are someone who moves towards solutions, and not away from problems—so they comprehend the importance of shifting gears.

Do You Have A Diverse Friend Group?

When our friends look, think, and sound like us we don’t have a wide enough range of perspectives in our lives. Someone who is rigid in their thinking consciously or subconsciously decides they don’t have common ground with those who aren’t like them. They miss that we all have more in common than not and never learn innovative and rich perspectives.

If you currently lean more toward rigid you can improve your flexibility by listening more and applying critical thought.

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