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Getting Work Done With A Little One At Home

Getting Work Done With A Little One At Home

Whether you are a stay at home parent with a side gig or work from home, it can be challenging getting work done with a little one at home. Once only an issue for parents with toddlers and during summer break, social distancing has many parents feeling overwhelmed. These tips will help.

Accept The Inevitable

The fact of the matter is your kids will interrupt you and you may not get as much done each day. Accepting this to be true will get you in the right frame of mind to schedule your day for maximum productivity.

Scheduling For Productivity

Identify your most productive times of the day. With the kids at home, this won’t just be the time of day that you are naturally more productive. For example, you may not be a morning person in general, but getting up an hour early until the kids head back to school can improve productivity. While the kids are up, schedule something for the kids that will keep them busy—a movie, Zoom call with grandma, video games, and more.

Get Help

Many daycare programs and preschools are open with strict pandemic protocols, some are even offering flexible 2 or 3 days a week drop off. If daycare isn’t an option, consider hiring a babysitter, having a family member babysit, or alternating childcare in 1 or 2 hour blocks of time with your partner. 

Here’s to getting more done and feeling less overwhelmed!

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