Doing More Of What Brings You Joy

Doing More Of What Brings You Joy

Life is meant to be lived so it’s time to invest your energy doing more of what brings you joy!

  1. Buy yourself a new plant, beautiful bouquet of flowers, or plant something new to grow—indoors or outside.
  2. Send a bouquet to a loved one, as else as doing something for someone else can lift your spirits too.
  3. Head to or order in from your favorite restaurant and take the time to savor their food.
  4. Have live or virtual coffee with 1 or more friends who always make you smile.
  5. Purchase the supplies required to finally try something you’ve always wanted to try—like graphic design software, art supplies, or an instrument.
  6. Decorate for the season or an upcoming holiday, maybe making or buying a few new decorations.
  7. Reread your favorite book, update your reading list, and explore books from authors you enjoy.
  8. Binge-watch your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows or movies.
  9. Host a live or virtual game night with friends and family.
  10. If you enjoy cooking, cook or bake a recipe from one of your favorite TV cooking shows.
  11. Dance, sing, play, light a sparkler, hang lights, or do absolutely anything that makes you smile.

Here’s to a joy-filled life!

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