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How To Make A Small Group Holiday Feel Special

How To Make A Small Group Holiday Feel Special

Due to social distancing, travel restrictions, and tight budgets the pandemic has many of us planning small and solo holidays this year. Here is how to make a small group holiday feel special.


Whatever you do, don’t pretend the holidays aren’t happening, as that will just make it worse. Decorate as usual, and if it’s in the budget—buy a few new festive things. Play holiday music while you decorate and put on a festive t-shirt, hat, or graphic socks.

Stick To Tradition

Whether solo or in a small group, you must engage in as many traditions as you can. Cook your family recipes, Zoom to sing Christmas carols, make the same holiday cocktails, do the same arts and crafts, watch the big game, dress up, or do whatever it is you usually do. Find a way to make it work from afar and maybe make a new tradition or two.

Stay Connected

Send gifts and care packages to friends and family, schedule solo and group Zoom calls, and check-in with local neighbors and friends—maybe even giving baked goods or little gifts to neighbors you wouldn’t typically think of.

It won’t be the same this year, but you can still find little ways to celebrate!

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