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Why Your Friend Group Has Shifted Since The Pandemic

Why Your Friend Group Has Shifted Since The Pandemic

As you reflect back on 2020, you may find that your friend group has shifted since the pandemic began. Here’s why we have lost and gained friends in this stressful and uncertain time.

Adversity Brings Out The Worst And The Best

You may find that you and some of your inner and outer circle are significantly closer than you were last year at this time. This is because you are leaning on one another and lifting one another up. On the flip side, some relationships may be strained, and some have come to an end. There is a variety of contributing factors. For example, many of us have a shorter fuse in times of stress, so you may be fighting more. Or you have different communication methods or methods of dealing with stress. Or you have had the time and space to rethink your life, relationships, and priorities—so the pandemic shines a spotlight on what’s not working.

We Are Finding New Ways To Connect

Beyond who you knew pre-pandemic, many of us have joined online groups that have led to a new friendship or two. From increased professional networking to support groups, interest-oriented apps, social media groups, virtual games, virtual events, and online dating—we are filing our socialization gaps through digital mediums.

This makes now the perfect time to consider if you are the best friend you can be.

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