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Are You Striving Toward The Wrong Goals?

Are You Striving Toward The Wrong Goals

Setting goals puts you in the positive mindset required to succeed. You map things out and start working toward measurable milestones. Goals can and should challenge us but sometimes we are striving toward the wrong goals. Answering these questions will help.

Is It What You Want?

Many of the goals we set aren’t our own, or they are one of the countless ways to achieve a larger goal. Let’s look at a generic example. Your parents want you to have more financial security than they had, so from a young age, they have encouraged you to become a doctor or lawyer. But your heart isn’t in either and there is something else you would rather be doing.

Does It Make You Happy—And A Bit Nervous?

A goal worth pursuing is one that gets you excited. You may not be excited every second or every day, but the thought of crossing the finish line should make you smile. It should also be a goal that gives you butterflies in your stomach or makes you a bit nervous, as it is taking you out of your comfort zone and into the unexpected.

If your goal is not yours, doesn’t get you excited, and doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone it’s time to reassess your intentions.

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