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Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Think back to who you were at the beginning of 2020. Living outside your comfort zone was something to avoid. But, with the multiple uncertainties of the past year, you now realize you are stronger than you thought.

It’s Still Not Easy

Learning that you are more resilient than you realized isn’t saying that the last year has been easy. There are still good days and bad days and several things left up in the air, but you have developed skills to go with the flow, innovate, and keep going.

You’ve Identified Your Priorities

The past year has forced us to rethink our priorities. You have learned that where you invested your time pre-pandemic may not be in doing what you really want to be doing. Now you understand what little things you once took for granted, have had ample time to contemplate what you really want, and have shifted gears in at least a few areas.

You Know Who To Turn To

It’s been a shock, but not everyone we thought would be there for us when times get tough was there for us this past year. On the flip side, a few unlikely people have stepped up to the plate, and you may have a few new people you can turn to.

It’s not over yet, but you will walk away from 2020 much stronger than when the year began.

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