Getting Dressed Up For Your Zoom Holidays

Getting Dressed Up For Your Zoom Holidays

Many of us will be doing solo or super small group holidays, and attending virtual parties, events, and group chats. And yes, you should get dressed up for your Zoom holidays.

Get Dressed Up

Get dressed up just like you would if you were going out in person. In other words, not just from the waist up. If you would normally buy something new, buy something new. Spend a bit more time on your hair and makeup and don’t forget to accessorize. If glitz isn’t your thing, just throw on a holiday t-shirt, ugly sweater, or hat.

Create A Festive Background

Set up a special spot to Zoom while on your holiday call or add a few festive items to your usual background. From lights to holiday decorations or your tree in the background. Just make sure it’s still bright enough so that it’s easy to see you clearly.

Skip The Festive Music

Festive background music is often an essential part of the holidays, but if it’s more than you and one other person the background noise can be too distracting. If music is a must, select one person in the group to play something. However, it should be on a speaker—not from their computer.

Here’s to a fun and festive social distancing holiday season!

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