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You Have The Right To Have Healthy Relationships

You Have The Right To Have Healthy Relationships

Whether it’s your parents, family, romantic partner, or friends you have the right to set healthy boundaries and have a baseline level of standards. While no relationship is perfect and we all have bad days or rough patches, you have the right to have healthy relationships.

What Do Healthy Relationships Look Like?

Nothing is 100% but a healthy relationship maintains the below more often than not:

  • You can be your authentic self without judgment
  • Communication is not hurtful or threatening
  • You listen and feel heard
  • You respect one another, even when you don’t agree
  • Trust has been earned and established
  • Honesty is prioritized over white lies or telling someone what they want to hear
  • You both take ownership and accountability for your words and actions
  • The relationship is equal and balanced
  • Neither of you utilizes peer pressure or control

Why Your Relationship Is Not Healthy?

In both our romantic and platonic relationships, we often gravitate towards what we know. If a relationship is unhealthy ask yourself if it is similar to one of the relationships you had growing up, particularly with a parent or sibling. As unhappy as you may be there are a comfort and familiarity in the dysfunction of it. Utilize what you don’t want to define the contrast required to set healthy boundaries.

Don’t Go It Alone

Breaking any relationship pattern is always easier with resources. This could be anything from traditional talk therapy, working with a relationship life coach, reading books on relationships, and chatting with loved ones who have broken the cycle of abuse or dysfunction.

It won’t happen overnight, but you can elevate the quality of your relationships.

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