How To Make Minimalist Interior Design Work For You

How To Make Minimalist Interior Design Work For You

If you love the way minimalist interior design looks but struggle with how to go minimal and still function with ease these tips will help.

Creative Storage

Ample closet space is ideal, but even with minimal closet space, you must make the most of your storage. Look for furniture with hidden storage compartments and invest in closet, item, and area-specific storage solutions. This alone can double, or even triple your storage.


While you may not have a lot of furniture, make sure it is super comfortable. Instead of a contemporary couch that looks great but is uncomfortable to sit in, find a couch you want to snuggle up in. Same goes for your side chairs, desk and chair, bar stools, and kitchen table chairs. And if you want a king size bed, don’t feel like you can’t have one because you are transitioning to minimalist design.

Stylize With Accessories

Really make your home your own with your wall art, lamps, vases, plants, throw pillows, and other home accessories. This is also where to add in color, texture, patterns, and prints. And no, you don’t need to take a minimalistic approach to how you decorate.

Last but not least, don’t forget the walls which make your home your own with the right color, wallpaper, decals, and finishing details. And if you rent, be sure to explore your options in temporary wallpaper.

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