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Improve Your Home’s Energetic Flow For The New Year

Improve Your Home’s Energetic Flow For The New Year

Spring is often the time we deep clean and de-clutter, but the New Year is also an ideal time. Here are a few ways to improve your home’s energetic flow for 2021.


Binge-watch your favorite home organization shows for inspiration then head to Home Depot, Target, The Container Store, or Walmart and invest in closet, cupboard, office, drawer, kitchen, garage, and area-specific organizers. This will maximize space and make everything easier to find.

Let Go

As you organize you will need to sort through your belongings, making now the perfect time to toss, donate, or sell what you don’t want or use anymore. This should also include digitally scanning and uploading papers, photos, and other memorabilia you want to keep—but don’t need physically.

Add Energy Boosters

Add a few natural elements to your home to boost its energy. This might include water elements like a fountain, healing crystals, potted plants, dried flowers, wood or metal home accents, and more. You could even smudge your home to start the year off right.

Start with one closet at a time, make it a family affair, and remember that it will get a bit worse before it gets better.

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