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How COVID Christmas Can Be The Beginning Of New Traditions

COVID Christmas

We all have cherished memories of our family holidays, but holidays can be stressful too. This year many families will be spending their COVID Christmas in a small group setting, which may be the beginning of new holiday traditions.

Just Your Family

Whether it’s just you and your partner, you and your partner and kids, or just you and your kids—you may be looking forward to doing things your way this year. No long car rides, stressful holiday flights, or family drama. Keep the traditions you enjoy, blend traditions from both sides of the family, and make your own.

Blend Your Family

Holidays are always challenging with custody arrangements, but this year many separated and divorced couples will be spending the holidays together with their kids. This was not something most would have considered pre-pandemic, but the last 9 months have brought even separated families closer together.

Make It Your Own

In addition to hosting a fairly traditional holiday, many couples and families are thinking outside of the box. This might be volunteering for the holidays, taking a vacation, or even skipping Christmas altogether. There is no right or wrong, just make it work for you.

Here’s to creating lasting memories and doing the holidays your way!

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