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Social Anxiety Is On The Rise During COVID-19

Social Anxiety Is On The Rise During COVID-19

Social anxiety is on the rise during COVID-19. Even if you never struggled with it before, you may be struggling with it now. Here are the most common forms.

Anxiety To Leave The House

If you’ve not yet had COVID, your anxiety around contracting it may be so high that you don’t want to leave the house at all. If you’re high risk, do what is healthy and safe. If you are not high risk, follow the guidelines, and plan your trip accordingly. For example, go grocery shopping first thing in the morning, wear your mask, bring hand sanitizer with you, and follow distancing guidelines inside the store.

Anxiety Being With Others

You may find yourself both craving human contact and feeling anxious to be around others, but you must find ways to socialize—especially if you live alone or are not in a healthy situation at home. This includes more Zoom time, but also inviting friends and family over to your home or visiting their home. Determine what precautions must be in place to make you feel comfortable.

Anxiety Of Getting It Wrong

From instinctively rushing to pet a cute puppy walking down the street to accidentally missing a social distance arrow or marker in the grocery store, or sneezing due to allergies in public. We will continue to make mistakes and may be reminded by strangers to keep our distance or not pet their puppy. Apologize and be more mindful next time, but don’t beat yourself up.

Here’s to being safe and social!

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