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How 1 Hour A Day Could Change Your Life

How 1 Hour A Day Could Change Your Life

Time is our most valuable resource. Our days are jam-packed and it often feels like there’s not enough time in the day to get it all done. While time is tight, giving yourself 1 hour a day could change your life.

Begin By Unplugging

If it feels too impossible to set aside a full unplugged day, carve out 100% unplugged times in your day. For example, the first hour you wake up, the hour before you head to bed, or in 1 to 2 hour distraction-free blocks of time at work. This won’t require an additional investment in time but will increase productivity and allow you to begin and end your day with less stress.

Wake Up A Tiny Bit Earlier

Once you feel the difference unplugging makes you may find yourself motivated to carve out a bit more time for yourself. Start small, by waking up 15 minutes earlier each morning. Use this extra time to do something that starts your day off right. This could be reading an affirmation or daily devotional, meditating, stretching, doing a mini-workout, gratitude journaling, or just allowing yourself to ease into the day before everyone else is up.

As you notice the benefits of giving yourself more time each day, unplug more frequently and continue to carve out more time for yourself each day.

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