How To Keep Your Brain Healthy

How To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our brains are placid. The neural networks can change and reorganize if we provide them with the proper support and environment. Here are a few tips to keep your brain healthy. 

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is when your brain (and body) rests and repairs. If you aren’t getting enough sleep or aren’t sleeping well, you won’t be able to function at your full capacity. Take a proactive approach to sleep and aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. During stressful times you can become mentally exhausted and may require more sleep.

Challenge Yourself

We hear a lot about brain exercises, but the key to keeping your brain healthy is to mix things up. Yes, learn a new digital game, card game, or board game. Make it a family affair. However, once you master it—try something else new. Learn a new computer app or program, maybe a health tech app. Take a one-off class in an art or craft. Keep reading new books. Take a different route on your daily drive or walk. Wear your smartwatch on the other wrist. Always keep learning and you will keep your brain healthy.

Last but not least, nourish your brain with salmon, blueberries, nuts, turmeric, and an overall well-balanced diet.

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