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How To Open Your Heart

How To Open Your Heart

We close ourselves off for self-protection but if you close yourself off for too long you will miss out on the joy and beauty in life. Here’s how to open your heart.

Know Who You Are Safe With

Having an open heart doesn’t mean you have to be vulnerable with everyone. If someone has lost your trust or respect, you don’t have to share things with them. You can remove toxic friends and family from your life or greatly limit their access to you. Then, clearly define who you can trust and be vulnerable with.

Spend Time With Kids And Fur Babies

Your pets and children love you unconditionally. They are a safe place to open your heart and they remind you how to be more open. If you don’t have pets, head to a pet park, volunteer with a pet non-profit, or consider adopting a pet. If you don’t have young children, spend time with your young family members or with a friend who has children.

Alternative Healing Modalities

Opening up won’t happen overnight, so find what works for you. This might mean spending more time in nature, doing Reiki or other energetic healing, heart-opening yoga poses, chakra work, or gratitude journaling. In addition to alternative healing modalities, don’t count out traditional talk therapy.

Here’s to letting love in!

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