How To Feed Your Soul

How To Feed Your Soul

We nourish our bodies with the food we eat but we must also feed our soul.

  1. Make a commitment to spend more time in nature. This could be in a remote location, at a local park, or at your favorite river, lake, or waterway.
  2. Forgive yourself and others. The act of forgiving yourself is essential so that you stop beating yourself up. Forgiving others doesn’t excuse their behavior, it sets you free.
  3. Decluttering your home is about more than cleaning and organization. Visual stressors are a real thing, so decluttering is essential for peace and balance.
  4. Immerse yourself in your art of choice. This could be anything from reading fiction to listening to music, writing, going to an art gallery, or engaging in an art or craft that you enjoy.
  5. Read to grow. We must never stop learning. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading helps us connect with others by learning experiences outside of our own. Also, read books that help you grow personally and spiritually. If not a book, a video or podcast.
  6. Dreaming is something most of us let go of once we begin adulting but dreaming feeds our soul. Not only does it provide great insight to what you really want but dreaming helps you innovate and think outside of the box.

Here’s to creating a balanced mind, body, and soul.

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