A New Year And A Fresh Start

A New Year And A Fresh Start

The 2020 calendar year is one we won’t soon forget but 2021 is almost here making it time for a fresh start.

Set Your Expectations

We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, the ongoing political divide, and things may never return to “normal”. So, before you plan 2021, be sure to maintain your expectations. We’ve all had to further develop our adaptive skillset, so we must identify innovative ways to thrive and be part of the positive change.

Set Your Intention

Instead of setting resolutions, consider setting an affirmation or intention for the year ahead. To identify your intention, consider what your priorities are. This isn’t necessarily something you need to change as it could be something you want to continue to build upon. Or something you want to recommit to that has fallen by the wayside in the midst of the rollercoaster ride that 2020 has been. In addition to your annual intention, set daily intentions for everything you do.

Dive In

Now it’s time to put your intentions into action. We don’t change ourselves or the world around us until we take action. A small drop in the ocean creates a ripple effect so don’t get discouraged as what you do has an impact.

Here’s to your fresh start in 2021! 

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