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Procrastination Is Often Part Of The Creative Process

Procrastination Is Often Part Of The Creative Process

We always hear of the downside of procrastination and there are countless tips for overcoming this “bad” habit. But procrastination is often part of the creative process.

It Gives You Space

Multi best-selling author Brené Brown shares in her Unlocking Us podcast that when she has a book deadline, her husband often takes the kids away for the weekend—which she spends binge-watching TV shows. While it sounds counterproductive, this gives her brain the time and space required to innovate. The week after her weekend of nothing is when she writes best. If this is how you work best, plan brain-clearing space into your schedule.

It’s A Dedicated Step

Sticking with the same example of writing, some writers work best with a structured outline. For example, brainstorming, creating an outline, writing the first draft, writing a revision, and proofreading before turning it in. But this best practice process may not work for you. Maybe you squeeze procrastinating in between the outline and writing. Identifying that this is your norm will help you stop stressing about it.

You May Work Better Under Pressure

It’s not what we are taught in school, but some of us simply work better under pressure. So, while it sounds like it would be easier to chip away at a project for an hour or two each day—you may prefer to knock it all out at once. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to edit and revise.

Here’s to creating a signature creative process!

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