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2021 Colors Of The Year—Yellow and Grey

2021 Colors Of The Year—Yellow and Grey

Every year Pantone® releases their colors of the year. These are the colors that will be hot in both fashion and interior design. This year’s colors are in and they are a bold shade of yellow called Illuminating and a light shade of grey called Ultimate Grey.

No Need To Overdo It

Not to worry if your first reaction is that Illuminating isn’t your shade of yellow. Mix it in with your belt, earrings, handbag, smartphone cover, and other accessories. Also, choose patterns and prints that include yellow. If you prefer a bold look, go for a yellow dress, jacket, blazer, blouse, pant, or a full suit. Or add in a few pops of yellow in your home accents.

Consider Shades Of

Ultimate Grey looks great with Illuminating and is an easier hue for everyone to wear. That being said, the two colors of the year look great together—both as-is and in varying shades of yellow and grey. So, maybe choose a darker or lighter shade that complements your skin tone. This keeps you on-trend and confident.

Do Your Own Thing

While there is always a trending color of the year and season, you don’t have to integrate any of them into your wardrobe or home décor. Maybe invest in a trend or two but focus more on creating a signature style in your home and in your wardrobe.

Here’s to utilizing color to feel confident and comfortable!

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