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How To Be Self-Accountable

How To Be Self-Accountable

Self-accountability is the process of being responsible for your words, choices, and actions. This goes beyond doing what you say you are going to do, to being a primary cornerstone of integrity and ethics. Here are a few tips for being self-accountable.

Why Accountability Is Important?

As a child, our parents are tasked with ensuring we are accountable, but as an adult the responsibility shifts to you. Our partner, friends, and family may chime in at times—but it is up to you to take responsibility for your words, choices, and actions. By further developing this skill you can improve your life, change your life, and live within your values and beliefs.


Start with daily self-assessments to determine how you can do better. This includes hiccups in your day or tense exchanges, but you must not limit your self-assessment to the obvious areas of opportunity. For example, if you find yourself in judgment of someone else’s words, choices, or actions—ask yourself if you have done the same in the past. Oftentimes, we engage in the behaviors we find unattractive in others, but explain it away when we (or someone we love) do it ourselves. If you’ve never been in the same set of circumstances, consider how you believe you would respond, with the understanding that you can’t really know until you are in the same situation. 

Perfection Isn’t The Goal

We all fall short, and that’s ok. What is important is that you develop the awareness required to identify when you fall short of your intentions. Then, you must take steps to make the necessary amends. While damage may be done when you don’t live to your standards, the damage can be minimized by owning your role, sincerely apologizing, and taking actions to improve the situation.

Self-accountability is hard work, but you can do it!

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