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January 2021


    Planning Your Covid-19 Staycation

    Planning Your Covid-19 Staycation

    Just because we are still social distancing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use your vacation time. Here are some tips for planning your Covid-19 staycation.

    Put Work Away

    This tip is especially important if you are working from home. While you may still need your digital devices while on vacation, disable all work alerts or use an app to disable your access to work while on vacation.

    Plan Outings

    Check your local area in search of social distance activities you feel comfortable doing. This might include spending time in nature, social distance dining, taking a long drive, or visiting friends and family.

    Plan Indoor Activities

    Sleeping in is sure to be on the agenda but be sure to plan a variety of activities—solo and group. Order a new board game, take a virtual art class, have friends over for dinner, Zoom with friends and family, and browse Airbnb virtual experiences.

    Consider Renting A Hotel Suite

    A change of scenery can make a world of difference, so consider renting a hotel suite in your local area. You can watch movies, order room service, social distance dine, swim at the pool, and consider spa services. Don’t forget to bring your streaming stick if you want to watch TV and movies from your favorite subscription service.

    Enjoy your staycacation!

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