Consider Creating A Vision Board Instead Of NY Resolutions

Consider Creating A Vision Board Instead Of NY Resolutions

If New Year’s resolutions aren’t for you consider creating a vision board. Visualizing your goals may be easier for you but it is also powerful to see what you are striving towards.

Digital Is Good But IRL Is Better

We live in a digital world and there are some impressive digital vision board software options to choose from, but a poster board sized real-life vision board is the best option. You will consciously create and add to your vision board and seeing your goals every day in your home or office will ensure they are consciously (and subconsciously) front and center.

Where To Start

There is no right or wrong way to create a vision board but there are a few strategies to consider—and feel free to create more than one vision board. Begin by choosing one or more themes for your board, such as Balance, Wellness, Abundance, or Career. Then, consider what you are striving towards that is different from the life you are living and leading today. Or take a more intuitive approach and choose what you are drawn to in the step below.

Grab Your Supplies

At the very least you will need scissors, poster board, glue or tape, and markers—or for an interchangeable board, you can use a corkboard and push pins. Then grab a stack of old magazines to begin your collage. If you don’t have magazines, ask friends or family, post a request on a local swap or sell site, or purchase a variety of new magazines. Then start flipping through in search of words and images that support your vision or that you are naturally drawn to. You may find more than you can use, but that’s ok. Cut them out and arrange them on one or more vision boards. Make it look good but there’s no need to be a perfectionist about it.

Last but not least, hang your board somewhere you will see it almost every day to keep your goals top of mind.

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