At-Home Paraffin Wax

At-Home Paraffin Wax

You aren’t alone if you like to add paraffin on to your mani or pedi, especially in the winter when the weather is cool. But with at-home paraffin wax, there’s no need to wait for your monthly appointment.

Start With A Wax Warmer

The first thing you will need is a paraffin warmer which you may have to order online. Make sure the one you choose is large enough for both your hands and feet. Also, ensure it comes with a thermometer or has one built-in. Last but not least, choose a fast-warming option as some take an hour or more to heat up.

Choosing Your Wax

Many warmers come with a starter kit, including one or more types of their branded wax. Give these a try but don’t forget to try other brands. You can even ask your salon what type of wax they use. All have the benefits of heat and softening your skin, but many are infused with essential oils or other ingredients for both aromatherapy and healing benefits. Whether you choose unscented, scented, or infused, read the ingredient list.

Consider Booties

Since you’ll be able to do paraffin at home as you like, consider investing in mitts and oversized booties you can place on while the wax sets. Do your feet before your hands, or do each one at a time.

Use paraffin at least once a week but as often as daily, but never if you have cracked hands or feet or open abrasions.  

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