Ease The Anxiety Of Returning To Work During The Pandemic

Ease The Anxiety Of Returning To Work During The Pandemic

Slowly but surely more offices are opening for full or part-time work. These tips will help you ease the anxiety of returning to work during the pandemic.

Educate Yourself On The Protocols

First up, make sure you know what the protocols are, what is expected of you, and (per Tom Cruise’s onset blowup) what to do if someone in the office is not following the protocols. This will go far beyond temperature checks, masks, and hand sanitizer—to socially distancing workspaces and lunchrooms, transitioning to touchless technology, and daily office capacity limits. With kids still homeschooling, many offices are providing on-site childcare and homeschool spaces. Once you know what is expected ask follow-up questions if you have any.  

Know Your Work Options

Many offices are offering flexible work hours and only require in-office hours for a set number of hours per day or for meetings. If you feel anxious, you may be more comfortable working as little as possible in the office or taking the earliest morning shift. If you are required to go back to the office more than you are comfortable with, express your concerns with HR. There may be additional work options for those who are having a more difficult time returning to work.

Last but not least, ensure you maintain balance by staying active socially, working out, and prioritizing your mental health.

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