Updating Your Wardrobe During The Pandemic

Updating Your Wardrobe During The Pandemic

How we spend on clothing has changed significantly during the pandemic. There are a few influencing factors, including working from home and limited access to retailers due to social distancing. Here are a few tips for updating your wardrobe during the pandemic.

Know Your Return Policies

Many retailers who are open for business are allowing in-store shopping but aren’t allowing you to try clothes on. Clothing looks drastically different on your body than it does on the hanger or in the online photos, not to mention the variance in sizing from one brand to the next. This makes knowing return policies more important than ever before.

Shop Brands You Know

It may be easier to shop brands you are already familiar with. You already know their quality and have a better idea of what size to wear which will make shopping in-store and online faster and easier.

Don’t Invest In As Many Trends

If you are still spending most of your time at home, shopping trends that no one will see other than on Zoom may not be the best way to invest your clothing budget. Instead, invest more in outfits and separates that you’ll be able to mix and match for the next couple of seasons. By all means, invest in a trendy item or two, but focus more on quality and longevity.

And yes, feel free to spend more than usual on casual attire that you will feel cozy and comfortable in at home—but ensure balance by elevating your options beyond PJs, yoga pants, and t-shirts. Athleisurewear is maybe the perfect middle ground.

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