How To Move More Each Day

How To Move More Each Day

Your life may have been sedentary pre-pandemic but with social distancing requiring us to spend more time at home, it may be more sedentary than ever before. This means we must do more than just workout 4 or 5 days a week but move more each day. Here are a few ways how.

Stand More

It may not sound like much but the physical difference between sitting and standing is massive. So, stand while watching TV, on the phone, or eating lunch. Invest in a standing workspace to stand while on Zoom calls and at least part of the day while working. Sitting on a balance ball part of the day will activate your core and many other muscles.

Multi-Task Movement

Take a walk with your kids or partner while you catch up on the day, stretch or do a micro workout while watching TV, or do a quick cleaning task during commercial breaks. It’s not about breaking a sweat but activating gravity and your muscles for your whole-body health.

Leverage Technology

Technology can support you in your health and fitness goals. Some top options are setting daily “get up and move” reminders as well as wearing a fitness tracker to keep an eye on how much movement you achieve each day.

It may feel inconsequential at first, but your body will thank you for getting up and moving!

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