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Your Dream Is Your Life Purpose

The New Year is a fresh start which may have you contemplating your purpose. It’s a question that leaves many in agony while they try to figure it out, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult—as your dream is your purpose.

Your Dream Is Unique To You

Even if there are countless other people who are thriving in the same career or life purpose you are naturally drawn to it because it is what you are supposed to be doing. What you have to contribute will be unique and it will create a positive ripple effect that will extend far beyond what you will ever know.

You May Have Forgotten Your Dream

If you don’t have a dream it’s only because it’s been so long since you have allowed yourself to dream. We can get so caught up in adulting and making the responsible choices that we sincerely forget our dreams along the way. Start to think back to the times you’ve felt the most inspired or motivated and ask those you’ve known for years if they recall past dreams and ambitions, and it’s likely that your dream will return to you. At the very least, open yourself up to dreaming again, and the universe will deliver.

Once you identify your dream, it’s time to create an actionable plan that you begin today—as we must not let the fearful ego win!

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