4 Tasty Ways To Modify Your Favorite Hummus Recipe

4 Tasty Ways To Modify Your Favorite Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a delicious protein-rich snack, appetizer, or sandwich spread. Here are a few tasty ways to modify your favorite hummus recipe.

Use White Beans Instead

White beans mix up the flavor profile but are still creamy and smooth. Swap them out for chickpeas in your favorite hummus recipe or try a new recipe that calls for white beans and a few other fun ingredients.

Roasted Carrot Hummus

Add in a large roasted carrot to your standard recipe or go all-in with a roasted carrot hummus recipe. You still use chickpeas for this modification, but you’ll kick the flavor up a notch. I also enjoy the rich orange color that you achieve by adding carrots.

Green Hummus

There are a variety of add-ins that can turn your hummus green. From peas to avocado, and fresh herbs. Not only is green hummus tasty but it’s refreshing. Find a green hummus recipe that sounds good to you.

Mushroom Hummus

Blending in a few grilled portabella mushrooms is a nice complement to chickpeas. Always use a dedicated recipe as mushrooms will add more moisture to your hummus.   

You can also alter the flavor profile with the type of oil you use and the toppings you add.

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