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Allowing Your Intuition To Guide You

Allowing Your Intuition To Guide You

Your intuition is like a sixth sense. It’s an internal knowing, a voice that lets you know what’s right for you. Allowing your intuition to guide you takes practice as many of us have stopped listening.

Allow Yourself To Feel

You may also think of your intuition as a gut feeling. A decision you make not by logic, but by what your body is telling you feels right, even if it is logically not the “best” or most obvious decision to make. This is your soul speaking to the universe and guiding you on where to go and what to do next.


Journaling can help to activate your intuition. When you begin to write or type, you are likely to have a general idea of what you will say, what you are thinking, and what you feel. However, as you continue, a flow will begin and things will come out on paper that you wouldn’t be able to access through thought alone.

Focus On Yourself

We often ignore our intuition because we are too focused on what others think, what we think others will think, and societal expectations. Your intuition is a return to your authentic self. Authenticity is not easy, but it is ultimately freeing—so focus on you.

Here’s to you!

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