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When Someone Won’t Listen, Write A Letter

When Someone Won’t Listen, Write A Letter

There is nothing more frustrating than not feeling heard or not being understood. However, you don’t need someone else to validate you. What you feel is valid. So, when someone won’t listen write them a letter—but don’t send it. 

No Holds Barred

The only way out is through, so instead of keeping it all in, write it out—ideally by hand. Say it all, say anything and everything without a filter. You won’t be sending this letter, so express your pain and anger in whatever words come to you when you begin writing. The goal is to get the anger and pain out of your body so that it does not fester.

Write Every Day

You are likely to feel at least a bit of a release after your first writing session, but don’t stop there. Keep writing each day until you transition from pain to anger and begin to heal. This could take a few weeks or more. Keep at it until it is all out.

Learn And Live

The ultimate goal is to learn the lesson. This might be how to set better boundaries, to set higher standards, that family is not an exception to your standards, or that you have the right to determine and ask for what you need. Forgive them so that you can move on and live your best life.

Here’s to your healing!

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