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    What To Do When Anxiety Starts To Rise

    What To Do When Anxiety Starts To Rise

    We all have things we ruminate, about but it’s not out of our control. Here’ what to do when anxiety starts to rise.

    Focus On The Facts

    When we are anxious, we invest a lot of our time playing out the possible scenarios, most of which are negative. When you notice yourself doing this, stop and write down the facts on a piece of paper. Be mindful not to include any assumptions, focusing only on what you know for sure. When you begin to ruminate next, take a look at your list.


    Once you determine the facts, take a few minutes to do some deep breathing exercises. Do at least 20 full inhales and exhales. This can be either deep belly breathing or filling your lungs to capacity and letting all the air out. Deep breathing will rapidly calm your body as well as release toxins. If you enjoy meditation you could also do a short solo or guided meditation.

    Shift Gears

    While we must never push our fears or feelings down, we must not allow them to consume us. So, shift gears. This could be anything from a workout to a walk, chatting with a friend, binge-watching TV, or spending a few hours doing a hobby. This space may also provide some time to gather a fresh perspective.

    Finally, know what triggers your anxiety and do your best to avoid your triggers.

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