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    How Much Should You Spend On Your Fashion Jewelry?

    How Much Should You Spend On Your Fashion Jewelry

    With the right jewelry and accessories, you can create maximum versatility in your wardrobe, as well as create your signature look. But how much should you spend on your fashion jewelry?

    Not Much On Trends

    Every year there are fashion trends that come and go, which is not where the bulk of your jewelry spending should go. Carefully select a few pieces from the trends that you love, knowing they may only be worn a few times. Shop in stores like H&M and other discount retailers to really stretch your trendy dollars.

    Definitely On Classic Fine Jewelry

    While you may not invest in fine jewelry often, when you do ensure you select classic pieces you will wear for eternity—and can pass on to the next generation. Some classics include a pearl necklace, diamond studs, a tennis bracelet for special occasions, birthstone jewelry, and a gemstone ring.

    Mostly On Pieces You Will Wear For At Least A Few Years

    The bulk of your jewelry spending should be on pieces that look and feel like you—carefully selected items you will wear for years to come. I like shopping for unique pieces from local markets and craft fairs, handcrafted raw gemstone jewelry found online, on Etsy, and in boutiques that sell lesser-known designers.

    Here’s to accessorizing your wardrobe to perfection!

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