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    Tips For Paring Down Your Wardrobe

    Paring Down Your Wardrobe

    Whether you will be taking an extended vacation or you are looking to simplify there are some tips you can turn to when paring down your wardrobe. As an added bonus having less to choose from will make it easier to get dressed.

    Mix And Match Is A Must

    Your clothing doesn’t need to be in the same color family, that is unless you want to go full on monochrome, select items that can be mixed and matched in multiple combinations. For example, a blouse that you can wear with a skirt, jeans, and your business suit. These items should be classic and in colors and cuts that are flattering on your body.

    Keep A Few Statement Pieces

    While mixing and matching will make your day-to-day wardrobe a breeze you still want to keep a few fun pieces so that you don’t feel like you are wearing the same thing every day. This might be a bold colored button down, a print dress, or a super on-trend item or two.

    Keep Your Special Occasion Items

    As a general rule if you don’t wear it at least once each season it’s got to go, but this rule doesn’t count for your special occasion items. So keep your LBD, formal dress shoes, tuxedo, and other semi-formal and formal wear so that you don’t have to stress when you need them.

    To ensure your wardrobe stays small, donate one item every time you purchase something new, or at least one items every two to five.

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