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    Why Organic Skincare Works

    Why Organic Skincare Works

    We hear a lot about reducing the toxins in our diet and the importance of green cleaning and low-VOC home décor—but what about what you put on your body each day? We don’t think twice about our skincare routine but the average woman applies 186 chemicals to her body daily, and 86 for men. If that isn’t reason enough to switch to organic skincare, how about that organic works better!

    Why Organic Works Better

    Your chemical-filled product might work, but in the long run most do more damage than good. Why? Because chemicals are not healthy. Nature provides everything we need to thrive, this includes what our skin and hair need to heal, repair, and remain healthy and youthful. Like anything you’ll have to test a few products to find what works for you. An excellent place to start is with a monthly organic beauty box like the Clean Beauty Box.

    Aim For 70 To 90 Percent

    One by one I replaced my old hair and skincare products with organic alternatives. But just like my diet and green cleaning it doesn’t have to be 100%. I still love my department store perfume and there are some non-organic products that I use seasonally. For example, I use a non-organic deodorant during the summer months and a non-organic mousse to keep my curls from frizzing on super windy days. It’s all about achieving your goals with balance.

    What is even more exciting is that you can find affordable organic-certified products in stores like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods.

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