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    3 Ways To Tighten And Tone Your Face

    Ways to Tighten and Tone Your Face

    There are 42 muscles in our face and 26 muscles in our neck, most of which we rarely stretch or strength train. Here are 3 different ways to tighten and tone your face.

    Face Massage

    Next time you schedule a facial or full-body massage ask if you can add on an anti-aging face massage or you can schedule a full 1 hour face, neck, head, and décolletage massage. With the right techniques, you will see results immediately after your massage. Then, follow up with at-home DIY face massage or the options below.

    Face Exercises

    Yes, you can exercise your face! Face Yoga teaches you a variety of tool-free exercises. All you need is a clean face, clean hands, and an easy-glide serum or oil. There are also a few facial workout tools to choose from. The Facial-Flex creates horizontal resistance to tighten and tone and the Jawzrsize creates vertical resistance. Both will tone your entire face, but the Face Flex targets your cheeks and the Jawzrsize is ideal for double chins.

    Facial Rollers

    Last but not least, there are a variety of facial rolling devices to choose from that provide anti-aging benefits with just a few minutes of use per day. Use them as directed and be gentle with your face.

    Here’s to aging with grace!

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