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  • Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

    Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

    As a die-hard Marshalls girl, I only spend a few hundred dollars each season on clothing and accessories—but I always look like I’ve spent much more. Here’s how to look expensive…

  • Wardrobe Bold Colors

    Introducing Bold Colors To Your Wardrobe

    If you are color-shy, have always wanted a sexy red dress, or you want to rock this season’s electric yellow and orange—there is a way to wear bold colors without attracting…

  • Magnetic Eyelashes

    Finally—Magnetic Eyelashes!

    With the growing trend to have false eyelashes applied comes the increased concern for eye health. There is not enough data yet to determine the long-term effect of the adhesive chemicals…

  • How To Make Fashion Trends Work For You

    How To Make Fashion Trends Work For You

    Every season and year has colors, cuts, patterns, prints, and styles that are all the rage. While you always want to look your best you have to make fashion trends work…

  • Why Powdered Clay Masks Are Best
    beauty cleansing

    Why Powdered Clay Masks Are Best

    While pre-made masks are fast and easy to use powdered clay masks only take a few minutes to mix and are more effective than pre-mixed options. Here’s what you need to…

  • Bored With Your Wardrobe?
    beauty green living home

    Bored With Your Wardrobe?

    Does it feel like every time you head to your full closet that you have nothing to wear? If you are bored with your wardrobe these tips will help. Remix Your Separates…

  • More Than A Haircut

    So Much More Than A Haircut 

    If you want a new look to start 2019 outright, consider getting your hair styled. A new haircut really can change your life, but you must do your homework first.   Choosing The Right Stylist  I’m all for shopping…