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    What Is The Whole30 Cleanse?

    Whole30 Cleanse

    Whole 30 is a 4 week cleanse in which you eliminate dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, soy, and alcohol. I know what you are thinking—what else is left? Not to worry there is plenty left all you need to do is find a few weeks of great new recipes! Here is what you can eat.


    Your protein sources will ensure you stay full for the next 4 weeks. Stock up on any unprocessed meats of your choice. You can also enjoy eggs, seafood, and seeds. Unlike many diets and cleanses, you will need to skip nuts, legumes, and all grains. Cook your protein in your preference of olive oil, coconut oil, or ghee.

    Veggies And A Bit Of Fruit

    Eat all the vegetables you want, including starchy veggies such as bananas and potatoes. You can easily use sweet potatoes as your bread alternative and cauliflower as a grain alternative. Keep the fruit to a minimum and utilize your 1 or 2 servings to curb your sweet tooth. However, you can eat all the avocado you want, which is technically a fruit.

    Coffee Is A Green Light

    You can still drink coffee and tea to your heart’s content, but it will need to be black. No sugar or dairy, and if you must add a small dash of pure almond milk. Continue to add lemon to your tea. This makes now an excellent time to try new tea and coffee blends as you will really be able to distinguish their unique flavor profile.

    There are many reasons to give the Whole30 cleanse a try. It’s perfect after the holidays or an extended vacation in which you have overindulged. It’s also ideal after falling off track with your usual healthy diet or as a way to kickstart an elimination diet to determine if you have a food allergy.

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