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    What Can A Foot Bath Detox Do For You?

    Foot Bath Detox

    It’s something I’ve been wondering about for years but had yet to try. I’ve heard good, bad, and in-between but wanted to experience a foot bath detox for myself. Here’s what I learned.

    How It Worked?

    The process was simple. I stuck my feet in a small tub with warm water and the detox ionizer in between my feet. Then I just sat and waited. The process was about 20 minutes long in which the water turned from clear to light and gradually darker brown that was apparently uric acid. By the end, there were some black flecks that my practitioner identified as heavy metals and some bubbling that she said showed that I had some candida overgrowth.

    Did It Work?

    I was told that because I was in fairly healthy that all toxins were removed from my body, but for some people require additional treatments. She suggested that I come back every 4 to 6 months to maintain a cleansing routine. Do I believe it worked, for me—yes! I had been experiencing major sugar cravings the last few weeks, which after the detox (and removing the candida that feeds on sugar) the cravings came to a rapid stop. Also, I had been struggling with a bacterial infection from a recent pedicure and after the detox, it cleared up within the next 48 hours. Both of these outcomes were completely unexpected.

    Along the way, I asked my practitioner about the bad experiences that some have had with detoxing their feet, and she chalked it up to poor training—or practitioners not understanding when their ionizer needs to be replaced. My best advice, as with any type of natural healing, is to find someone with raving reviews. But all in all, it´s an excellent alternative to extreme cleansing. 

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