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    Smudging Your Home To Cleanse Negative Energy

    Smudging Your Home

    If the energy in your home feels tense, you’ve absorbed someone else’s negative energy, or you in any way feel agitated, irritated, or off smudging your home to cleanse negative energy can help.

    What Is Smudging?

    Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual in which you burn sage, sage with herbs, or Palo Santo wood to create a cleansing smoke that releases negative energy. Smoke has long been used across many cultures to cleanse, kind of like incense. Smudging can be incorporated with other healing and cleansing practices such as affirmations, intentions, prayers, crystals, and aromatherapy.

    How To Smudge?

    Open a window and if you have asthma or respiratory concerns, put on a face mask. Light the sage or wood stick and allow it to smolder. Then, walk clockwise around each room to fan the smoke into every nook and cranny. You can even smudge around your body. Once complete, stamp out the sage or wood—or place it in a fire-safe bowl and allow it to burn off naturally. Don’t leave it unattended until it’s 100% burned out.

    You can also smudge before energy feels off as a proactive approach. It’s also an excellent way to make a new home your own.

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