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    How To Keep The Spark Alive

    How To Keep The Spark Alive

    The spark is there when your relationship is new but after a few years together it can fade. It is often the monotony of your relationship so these tips will help.

    1. Check-in. Have a quarterly couple check in to discuss any relationship concerns. Check-in in-between too, but this scheduled times ensures things don’t go too long without being addressed.
    2. Try new things together. Create a couple’s Bucket List, sign up for local Airbnb Experiences, take a paint by numbers class, dance class, or try anything new.
    3. Plan a day trip, weekend getaway, or full vacation. If you are still COVI19 social distancing you could do a staycation in a local hotel or Airbnb for a change of scene.
    4. Grow together. In addition to trying fun new things, try challenging new things. Read a personal development book together and discuss what you learn, listen to a weekly podcast series, or do anything that encourages growth.
    5. Make time daily. Take a walk around the block, spend 30 minutes together unplugged after the kids go to bed. Create a daily ritual, such as a 20-second hug when you both get home for the day. It doesn’t take much time but will keep you connected.

    Here’s to regaining your spark!

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