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    Can You Find Love On Dating Apps?

    Can You Find Love On Dating Apps

    Dating apps started out being primarily for hookups with the occasional love story but things are changing. Yes, you can find love on dating apps!

    Know Where To Go

    First up, you must learn the difference between a hookup dating app and a looking for love app. Tinder and Grindr are for hookups, as well as Happn, Pure, and FriendFinder-X. Apps geared more toward dating and relationships include Match, Bumble, Elite Singles, OkCupid, HER, and the League.

    Be Clear About Your Intentions

    Whether it’s in your profile or when you start messaging with someone, make your intentions clear. And it’s ok if this changes from one person to the next as you interest in one match may be more casual while your interest in others may be more long-term. Also, ensure your meeting times and places align with your goal—like starting with a daytime date if you are looking for love.

    Look For Niche-Specific Dating Websites And Apps

    Another way to increase your odds of finding love is to head to an online dating website or app that is niche-specific. You can find dating websites for single parents, fitness buffs, bikers, gamers, farmers, military members and more. With these sites you at least know you have one primary hobby, profession or interest in common.

    Apps make it easy to widen your dating pool and find others with local interests. If the app you use has matching features (like Match) be sure to fill out the info as it will alert you to those you have the most in common with.

    Here’s to finding love with an open mind and open heart.

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