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    What Alone Time Looks Like As A Couple

    What Alone Time Looks Like As A Couple

    Most of us need alone time, either regularly or on occasion. The challenge with asking for time alone as part of a couple is that your partner may not understand your need to be solo. Here are some things to consider.

    Balance Is Essential

    It is important for couples to maintain both their individual needs and their needs as a couple. You and your partner’s alone time may be time spent solo, in self-care, at the gym, enjoying a sport or hobby, or socializing with their loved one’s solo. Or alone time with just you and no one else. This time apart is essential for balance.

    Understanding An Introverted Partner

    If your partner is introverted and you are extroverted don’t take their need for solo time or preference to stay in with you rather than going out personally. As someone who is introverted, their home time and alone time is how they recharge—while socializing and group activities are how you recharge.

    If Alone Time Drastically Increases

    If your partner gradually or abruptly wants to be alone all the time it may be a sign that they are working through something, are anxious or stressed, or are feeling depressed. If you aren’t sure what is causing the increased need to be alone it’s time for a chat to express your concerns. If you already know what they are working through, be patient—but if the increased introversion lasts more than a few months it’s time for another chat and maybe for some outside help.

    Also, at the beginning of a relationship you may spend far more time together—but at some point the relationship rhythm will shift as you regain the balance of how you split your time.

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