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    Don’t Want To Head Back To The Gym Yet?

    Don’t Want To Head Back To The Gym Yet

    Many gyms are reopening with a variety of safety protocols. All have kicked disinfecting up a notch, are limiting occupancy, and requiring masks. I don’t know about you, but wearing a mask while working out doesn’t work for me. Here’s what to do if you don’t want to head back to the gym yet.

    Head Outside

    Many parks are reopening so look for more opportunities to workout outdoors. Not to worry if you don’t like to run, as you can hike, ride your bike, play sports, and do any cardio routine you like outside. Even taking your at-home workout outside can make a difference.

    Make A Few Investments

    If it’s in the budget, make an investment or two. For example, buy a treadmill or an outdoor bicycle so that you have a few more workout options. Really explore your options in at-home workout equipment as you can find many effective items for $30 or less.

    Don’t Workout Solo

    From live streamed classes to fitness apps, digital fitness subscriptions, and endless free fitness options on YouTube. Having an instructor to follow will push you harder and trying a variety of workouts will keep your workout fun.

    You are sure to find a new workout or two you really enjoy!

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