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    How To Get Motivated To Workout

    How To Get Motivated To Workout

    If you struggle to get or stay motivated to workout these tips will help!

    1. Create an upbeat playlist that helps you get and stay in the mood.
    2. Find a workout you enjoy, one that doesn’t feel like a workout, like dancing or hiking.
    3. Workout at the time of day you are most likely to want to work out.
    4. Get a workout buddy as it will make your time together physical and social.
    5. If not a workout buddy workout as part of a group.
    6. Play a sport or physically active electronic game.
    7. Mix up your workout type and location to keep things fresh and new.
    8. Invest in cute and comfortable workout gear as it will make you feel good.
    9. Leave enough time in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed to exercise.
    10. Reward yourself after your workout. Like, you can’t game today or check social media until you work out.
    11. Journal after your workout about how good you feel and read this list for inspiration when you aren’t motivated.
    12. If you are really pressed for time or unmotivated do a 10-minute app workout.
    13. Do a relaxing stretch workout on days when you can’t get motivated to do more.
    14. Take a 15 to 30-minute brisk walk to burn calories and clear your mind.
    15. Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a workout, there’s always tomorrow!

    Here’s to remaining healthy and active!

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