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    Why You Shouldn’t Try To Make Holiday Recipes Healthier 

    Why You Shouldn’t Try To Make Holiday Recipes Healthier

    There are without a doubt many mouthwatering recipe alternatives, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be made to be lower carb, fat, sugar, or calorie. 

    Food Is Part Of The Tradition 

    Whether it’s a family recipe that’s been passed down through the generations or a recipe you’ve been cooking for years, don’t change a single thing. If you do, it won’t be the same for you or your family. If you absolutely must, test the healthier version beforehand to ensure it still tastes the same—or at least not too different.  

    Holidays Are The Time To Splurge 

    If there is a time to ditch your diet, the holidays are it! That being said, be strategic. Eat until your heart’s content on the day of each major meal, but don’t partake in the onslaught of treats that present themselves. For example, only eat one or two holiday cookies that your coworker brings to the office—or kindly pass. 

    Feel Free To Add More Options 

    You might not have time to cook more but if going healthier is a must, add healthier options to the mix for those who want it. For example, your regular gravy and a lighter alternative. Additional recipes also make the holidays more enjoyable for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

    Happy holidays!

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