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    Two Dietary Habits That Can Negatively Impact Your Mood

    Dietary Habits That Can Negatively Impact Your Mood

    When it comes to mood and mental health the foods we eat play a vital role in how we feel. Here are two dietary habits that could be negatively impacting your mood.

    Processed Foods

    Processed foods are fast, easy, and often comforting. However, there are 2 key problems if your diet is (even for one day) more than 90 percent processed. First up, the high sugar content in most processed foods, even if they don’t taste sweet, causes a spike in blood sugar—and boosts the stress hormone cortisol. The second key problem is that processed foods are low in nutrients. This increases internal inflammation, decreases immunity, and leaves us feeling sluggish.

    Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting has a variety of benefits, but it is not for everyone. Always check with your medical professional before starting a new diet, particularly before an extreme diet. If you simply fast 10 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, there are typically no issues. However, those who also fast during the day while they are up and active may be tempted to go to an extreme—ignoring genuine hunger pangs. If extreme fasting is taken to an extreme it can be a gateway for an eating disorder.

    To further explore how food impacts your mood and mental health work with a nutritionist or dietician.

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