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    Not All Water Is Created Equally

    Not All Water Is Created Equally

    It might sound dramatic but not all water is created equally. This is well highlighted in Netflix’s new documentary Down To Earth.

    Tap Water Can Be Problematic

    An essential natural resource, we often take for granted that our water comes straight out of the faucet and into our kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but not all tap water tastes or smells the same. There are a variety of factors from faulty filtration, to additives, old pipes, originating source, and more. This is why many families across the country continue to purchase their drinking water.

    Natural Water Is Best

    Isn’t all water natural? Yes, and no. Water that comes from a natural spring or other artisanal water is water that hasn’t been disrupted by humans. It is pure and has trace minerals that our body can’t get from tap or filtered bottled water. This may be why you feel your thirst quenched more when you drink a pure water source. The water from our taps and most bottled waters have filtered out these trace minerals, and the debate surrounding the chemical filtration process is ongoing.

    Try drinking half your water a day from pure water and see if you feel the difference.

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