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    How To Navigate Your First Plant-Based Holiday Season

    Plant-Based Holiday

    Holiday meals are packed full of go-to recipes that are passed down through the generations, so you might be wondering what to make for your first plant-based holiday.

    Take A Day Off

    If you just can’t wrap your head around Thanksgiving without turkey, your favorite creamy dishes, and dairy-filled desserts—take a day off. Maybe even a few days for leftovers. This won’t have a significant negative impact on your health, and the celebration and tradition can boost your spirits, which can positively impact your whole-body health. When it comes to turkey, ham, seafood, or any meat—keep the portions smaller as it will be a bit of a shock to your system to process meat for the first time in a while. Red meat will be the most challenging to process, so stick to turkey, ham, or seafood.  

    Test Swap Recipes

    If you are plant-based for ethical and animal-cruelty reasons, don’t start from scratch with new recipes. Instead, get copies of your favorite holiday recipes, and use the tips and tricks for swapping out dairy and meat for plant-based alternatives. That way you will enjoy the flavors you love without forgoing your commitment to your body or the environment. As for vegan turkey, test a vegan turkey recipe or try a Tofurkey.

    Have a happy and delicious holiday!

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