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    How Eating Just One Plant-Based Meal A Day Can Positively Impact The Environment

    One Plant Based Meal A Day Can Positively Impact The Environment

    Burning of fossil fuels is the number one contributor to climate change. While you can minimalize your use of fossil fuels, until clean energy and transportation is more widely available—there is only so much we can do. But animal agriculture is the number two contributor to climate change, and there is something you can do about that—eat one plant-based meal a day.

    How Can One Meal A Day Make A Difference?

    In her book The OMD Plan, climate change activist Suzy Cameron shares how eating just one vegan and plant-based meal a day can save tens of thousands of gallons of water—and enough carbon emissions to drive from Los Angeles to New York. With the right recipes you will feel full and won’t miss the meat and dairy in your meals.

    Other Ways Your Dietary Choices Can Impact The Environment

    In addition to eating 7 vegan meals a week, growing more of your produce and supporting local organic farmers can further green your lifestyle. Not all areas have year-round gardening weather, farmer’s markets, or farm shares—so at least shop locally while in season. Purchasing your meat and dairy from local farmers will reduce the carbon emissions of transportation—and support a local business.

    Oprah shares a month’s worth of easy and delicious plant-based recipes to help you get started with your #OneMealADay plan!

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