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    Minimalism Not For You?

    Minimalism Not For You

    Do you love the concept of minimalism but it’s just not for you? Maybe you love your expansive wardrobe? Or your multiple cars? Or your big house? That’s ok, as you can adopt many concepts of minimalism without going all-in.

    Be Mindful Of Purchases From Here On Out

    You may still be in consumption mode, but you can consume more responsibly. Shop from products, brands, and retailers who are environmentally responsible and aligned with your values. In addition, shop at more local businesses and purchase more products that are locally made, upcycled, and sustainable. This is as simple as heading to your local farmers market for your fruits and veggies or signing up for a weekly farm share.

    Share Your Excess In Meaningful Ways

    You have a lot which means you have a lot to give. When you upgrade your smartphone or laptop, don’t just let it sit around collecting dust. Look for a non-profit who will pass your new and old electronics on to those it may be life-changing. Same goes with everything you replace or upgrade.

    Consider The Why Before You Buy

    We can all benefit from asking ourselves ‘why?’ before we make purchases both large and small. This is important not just for those who are in debt but also for those with a far more flexible budget. Consider why you are buying it, if you will actually use it, for how long you will use it, and what you will do with it when it’s done.

    Full on minimalism may not be for you but you can live more consciously and responsibly.

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