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    DIY Green And Clean Makeup Wipes

    Green And Clean Makeup Wipes

    One of the worst things you can do is go to bed with your makeup on which is why disposable cleansing cloths have become so popular. Popularity aside, they aren’t great for the environment. Here is a fast and easy way to make DIY green and clean makeup wipes.

    Choose Your Reusable Fabric

    First up, invest in washable cotton rounds or find an unbleached and organic cotton or bamboo fabric and cut it down to size. This is an excellent way to repurpose your old t-shirts. Be sure to wash before using as a wipe.

    Blend Your Solution

    Your DIY face wipe solution will only last 7 days so plan accordingly. Mix the following together in a glass or plastic bowl.

    • 1 t of your oil of choice—olive, coconut, or sunflower
    • 1 T organic aloe vera
    • 1 t liquid Castile soap
    • 3 t witch hazel
    • 1 t vitamin E oil
    • 8 to 10 drops of a topical-safe essential oil—lavender, chamomile, rose or sandalwood


    Once the solution above is mixed you can submerge your reusable rounds or cloths, then store in an air tight container like a mason jar. Room temperature is fine but store in the fridge if it’s humid. Wash your cloths between use but don’t bleach them. And it’s ok if not all the makeup washes away, as long as they are cleaned between use.

    This solution is perfect for removing makeup on your face. For an eye makeup remover use organic coconut oil or olive oil on a reusable cotton round.

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