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    How To Green Your Next Move

    How To Green Your Next Move

    If you will be moving to a new home or apartment you may be looking for ways to minimize waste by learning how to green your next move. The tips below will help.

    Buy As Few Boxes As Possible

    Instead of heading over to your nearest moving facility to buy packing boxes, look for alternative options. This includes packing in suitcases, plastic bags, reusable plastic moving bins, and boxes you get from local grocery or liquor stores. That being said, you want to protect your items so if you need to invest in a few item-specific boxes (like a flat-screen TV box or boxes for your plates and glasses) go ahead. After you move, store your specialty boxes in the attic or garage for the next time you move, post them for free on Craigslist so that they get at least one more use, or recycle them.

    Start Socking Away Packing Materials

    In the months prior to your move start stockpiling newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing paper from online shipments. Keep the boxes too. Also, reach out to family members who stockpile similar items to see if you can have or borrow their packing supplies. If you must purchase more—buy recycled items.

    Hiring A Moving Company—Or At Least Rent A One-Move Truck

    It might be tempting to save money by hiring a moving company but time is money and taking multiple trips in a car or smaller van adds up. At the very least, rent a truck that is large enough for you to move everything in one trip. This will make your move faster, easier, and far less stressful.

    Last but not least, pack a box or two of essential items you will need ASAP. This should include at least 2 days of clean clothing, bedding, essential kitchen items, and electronics chargers. This will minimize the need to purchase extras that you don’t really need.

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