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    Creating Your New Normal

    Creating Your New Normal

    Now that we are a few weeks into social distancing and shelter at home restrictions it’s clear that we have at least another month to go. Here are some tips for creating your new normal.


    If you haven’t yet you need to create some routine in your new at-home life. This should include many of the normal daily routines you utilized when you worked outside of the house, such as setting your alarm and showering and dressing early in the day. However, it should include a few new things like at-home workouts, daily extracurricular activities, and virtual socializing.

    Finding New Things To Do

    Many of us have daydreamed about what to do when we aren’t running with both ends of the wick burning—but with so much extra time we don’t know what to do. This means you must find new ways to fill your time. Consider learning to play an instrument, learn a new language, cook more, work your way through your book list, join online social groups (both personal and professional), have virtual coffee, happy hour, and meals, and more.

    Last but not least, ensure you are making time for your mental health by doing things like yoga, remote talk therapy, meditation, listening to sound therapy, and more.