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    What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

    What Is Lifestyle Medicine

    Lifestyle medicine is a concept that is on the rise around the world, but particularly in the US and western world. Chronic health conditions are on the rise but studies show that 80% can be prevented and reversed by making a few lifestyle changes. Introducing lifestyle medicine.

    The 4 Essential Lifestyle Changes

    In their book Undo It: How Lifestyle Changes Can Undo Most Chronic Disease Dr. Dean Ornish and his Wife Anne Ornish share in detail the 4 research-based changes that can prevent and change most chronic conditions. The essential changes are:

    • Switching to a primarily plant-based, low fat and low sugar diet
    • Exercise which can be as simple as taking a daily walk
    • Reducing stress by adding more mindfulness and meditative practices to your life
    • Connecting more with others creating more love in your life

    Your Body Responds Rapidly

    Making one of these changes alone can improve your condition but making all 4 can have you feeling like an entirely new person in a matter of months. The goal isn’t just to reduce the risk of or reverse diseases, but to live a higher quality of life. You will have more energy, you will sleep better, you will be more connected, and will feel better than ever.

    This approach to health is all-natural and easy to implement.

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