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    Happiness And Your Health

    Happiness And Your Health

    What if I told you that your level of happiness is directly related to your level of immunity, pain and inflammation, stress level, quality of your sleep, your weight and more? Happiness directly affects your health but is often a low priority.

    Are You Really Happy?

    If you ask most people they will tell you that they are happy without a second thought. But are you really? Do you currently feel joy? When was the last time you laughed for more than a second or two? Are you looking forward to the rest of your day? Do you feel energized or excited? Although we may not look forward to every task we need to accomplish on a daily basis, there must be enough balance in our lives that we feel happy more often than not.

    It Has A Lot To Do With Hormones

    When you are happy you increase your feel-good hormones when you are stressed or depressed you increase your levels of cortisol. When stress hormones are high your body cannot remain internally balanced which will decrease immunity, intensify pain and disease-causing inflammation, and decrease your overall level of health. Do more of what brings you joy and even if you are experiencing stress it won’t be as disruptive to your health.

    Last but not least, the happier you are the more you will be motivated to get out and about which burns calories, and the less likely you are to comfort eat. This is helpful in both losing and maintaining weight.

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