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    Planning Your Social Distancing Summer

    Planning Your Social Distancing Summer

    This summer won’t look like summers past but you can still head out and enjoy the fresh air. Here are a few ideas for your social distancing summer.

    Outdoor Activities

    If you have a yard where you and your loved ones can head outside and maintain a safe distance, invest in things that will get you outdoors. This includes comfortable furniture, a projector or wireless TV, outdoor games, athletic gear, a fire pit, new BBQ, sprinkler, above ground pool, and more. Don’t have a yard? Get everyone bikes to get out in the fresh air and exercise.

    Consider A Road Trip

    Whether you aren’t comfortable flying or your preferred location isn’t accessible yet, consider a road trip summer vacation or weekend getaway. Head to visit family, friends, or go somewhere you have always wanted to visit. Just make sure your destination is open, check their safety protocols, and ensure that the activities and amenities you want to use are available.

    Look For Local Activities

    Communities across the nation are searching for safer ways to bring people together. For example, social distance dining. Many cities plan to keep their public pools and beaches closed so consider other ways to get out and enjoy the sun.

    Here’s to staying healthy and active this summer!

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