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    How To Green Your Holiday Party

    Green Your Holiday Party

    Whether it’s a last-minute get together, a full-on feast, or party with a guest list—there are several ways you can green your holiday party.

    1. Send electronic invitations with digital RSVP. Don’t worry as the designs are really pretty. Just keep track of unopened evites that might have been missed by the recipient, and follow up.
    2. Don’t use disposables, and if you do use something that is recyclable, biodegradable, or made from recycled materials. This includes using a cloth table cloth instead of plastic.
    3. Shop local produce and farmers who sell farm-fresh meats.
    4. Have lots of filling non-meat options.
    5. Buy all party supplies and food items in bulk. This includes creating bulk drinks that can be placed in a pitcher or punch bowl.
    6. Decorate with fresh flowers, fruit, veggies, soy candles, and items that can be reused.
    7. If you need new décor shop second-hand stores first.
    8. Cook as much as you can yourself, ask friends to cook, or use a farm-to-table deli or cater.
    9. Ensure leftovers are easy to share, by keeping aluminium foil or reusable zip-top bags on hand.
    10. If you are exchanging gifts encourage the use of reusable gift bags.

    Here’s to your green party!

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