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    Life Is Not A Competition

    Life Is Not A Competition

    When our approach to life goals becomes competitive it is almost always at the expense of our authenticity. Even when you are striving toward an authentic goal, you must remember it’s not about getting their fastest—but getting there in your time. Life is not competition.

    There Is Room For Everyone To Shine

    Life is not an Olympic endeavor where only one person gets the gold. But then again, isn’t everyone who makes it to the Olympics already a winner? Everyone can be a winner by doing the work and create a path that leads to their individual fulfillment. There is no one right path, and no timeframe. Someone else achieving success should be a reason to motivate and celebrate, not a source of jealousy or discouragement.

    Maintaining Your Integrity

    There is such a thing as healthy competition, but as you well know competition can get ugly. When you find yourself tempted to compromise your integrity consider whether you really want to be someone who wishes someone else less than? And if you really want to achieve your success in a manner that is anything other than fair and square.

    Instead, approach your day-to-day and long-term goals as a way to honor and maintain your authenticity. Most importantly, realize and adjust your goals as your interests change.

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