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    Are You Overthinking And Under-Feeling?

    Overthinking And Under-Feeling

    If overthinking the tiniest of details and every possible negative scenario is your go-to, odds are that you are under-feeling. Here is how to break this cycle.

    Feel What You Feel

    Both men and women are taught to be strong, not weak—and unfortunately, we are taught that feeling our emotions is a sign of weakness. However, every study shows that feeling requires vulnerability, and vulnerability requires strength. Allow yourself to feel what you feel so that you can move forward. If you have kept things bottled up for a while the initial allowance may be overwhelming.

    Focus On The Present

    Overthinking leads to a lot of anxiety and stress, mostly for scenarios that never come to fruition. Instead, focus on the current moment and what you know for sure. Try to let go of the what-ifs and everything you can’t control, which is almost everything.

    Let Life Happen

    In the wise words found in John Lennon’s song Beautiful Boy “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” While we’re busy overthinking and over planning for every possible scenario, we miss the spontaneity and joy in life—and often the simple solutions to the situation that has our attention.

    There are many safe and healthy ways to express your feelings. From talking with a trusted loved one to self-care modalities that are designed to help you get in touch with your energy and flow—such as yoga, meditation, chakra work, and even massage therapy.

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